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"You let him go in the sun?!"

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Nightgown worn by Rita Hayworth in the LIFE Magazine “Girl’s of Hollywood” photo shoot by Bob Landry, August 1941

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René Gruau

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Elisa Donovan’s polaroids from Clueless (1995)


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what haircuts tell you about sexuality:

  • straight girls all have long hair
  • lesbians always have short hair
  • bisexuals wear an elegant yet easy to maintain bob
  • asexuals shave their head in the style of the pious monk
  • pansexuals put pans on their head. they put a fucking pan on th

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the thing is though everytime a girl compliments me on a dress/skirt with pockets and I declare THANKS IT HAS POCKETS her response completely changes from “oh that’s nice” to “FUCK ME BACKWARDS ARE YOU FOR REAL SHOW ME SHOW ME THE POCKETS”

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Gustave Moreau - Study for Lady Macbeth (1851)
Brian De Palma - Carrie (1976)

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